Planning for that “Someday”

Are employees in your organization saving enough for their retirement? Someday, each of us would like to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. In general, Americans are not saving enough for that “Someday” when they will retire. Most don’t have pensions and must depend on Social Security for most of their income.

Social Security offers a my Social Security account to help people prepare for and manage their “Someday.”

With a my Social Security account you can:

  • Get your online Social Security Statement;
  • Verify your lifetime earnings;
  • See estimates of your future benefits;
  • Manage your benefits; and so much more.

Ten-thousand people reach retirement age daily and many are unprepared. Social Security encourages you and your employees to plan now by opening a personal my Social Security account at

Opening a my Social Security account online is quick, safe, free, and easy. Please encourage every person in your organization, and those you come in contact with, to open his or her own personal my Social Security account at