Welcome to Time 4 Payroll

solutions that save you time

At Time 4 Payroll, we don’t expect you to jump through hoops to get your payroll done.  And we realize that the cookie-cutter approach of large, national payroll services does not necessarily meet the needs of Oregon’s and Washington’s small and medium-sized businesses. 

Like you, we are local small business owners.  We understand that you want to work with people who are flexible and caring enough to design payroll services that work with your specific needs.

We will work hard to provide a hassle-free and worry-free experience so you can concentrate on activities that will further your business goals.

Payroll Service

We understand that you have better things to do than worry about your payroll and your payroll taxes.  We will:
  • prepare your payroll in a time-efficient manner
  • pay your employees by check or direct deposit
  • handle any payroll deduction or wage garnishment
  • be accurate and on-time – guaranteed!
Outsourcing your payroll allows you to focus your time and energy on doing what you do best.

We will customize your service to suit your needs and preferences. For instance you can:
  • email, fax or call in your payroll information
  • receive reports by email or online
  • manage your payroll information on our website
  • choose full-service payroll or manage your own payroll information online
  • provide your employees with self-service pay stubs and W-2

Payroll Tax Service

We will take care of all of the details.

We will properly calculate all relevant payroll taxes for you, make all payroll tax deposits on your behalf, and file all the appropriate quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.  Those include all federal, state and local taxes and returns, including W-2s and 1099-misc.

Properly and on-time…guaranteed!


Our fully-automated timekeeping solutions eliminate the need to gather employee information, manually track hours, overtime and tips. 

Quick and simple to use, our system makes it virtually impossible to submit inaccurate or “rounded” data, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in incorrectly paid wages and taxes.  Fully in compliance with the Department of Labor’s strict regulations, our Time and Attendance solutions save you money and time.

Human Resources

Keep track of your company’s most important resource:  Its employees. Using our HR module you can:
  • Create job requisitions and manage recruiting
  • Define your organization structure
  • Create compensation plans
  • Manage company assets assigned to employees